During my postdoct at UC Berkeley I enjoyed working in collaborations with several computational and experimental scientists. I worked on the electronic and structural properties of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for CO2 capture (Energy Frontier Research Center) by employing first principles methods. This project was carried on under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey B Neaton and Prof. Berend Smit, in collaboration with Prof. Jeffrey Long at University of California at Berkeley and Prof. Laura Gagliardi at University of Minnesota. Also, work on NEXAFS of MOFs was performed in collaboration with David Prendergast (Molecular Foundry) and Dr. Jeffrey Kortright (LBNL).

At the ICMAB in Barcelona I enjoyed working under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Iniguez, Dr. Alberto Garcia and Dr. Enric Canadell.

During my PhD at the ESRF (beamline B29) I worked under the supervision of Prof. Alfonso San Miguel, Dr. Sakura Pascarelli, and in collaboration with Dr. Giuliana Aquilanti (ELETTRA) and Dr. Angela Trapananti (CNR).

During my Laurea thesis I worked under the supervision of Dr. Simone de Panfilis (IIT) and Prof. Andrea di Cicco (Univ. Camerino), also in collaboration with Prof. Adriano Filipponi (Univ L’Aquila).